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Who are we ?

We are a company engaged in organizing auctions focusing on numismatics, notaphily and faleristics, we also buy these items individually or even the entire collections.

What is our business based on ?

We organise voluntary, joint auctions of movable assets. Auctions take place in accordance to law No. 26/2000 Sb. - Public auctions. We are auctioning as an agent for the sale of items entrusted to auction.

In cases of direct sale outside the auction, we represent the seller in business proceedings with the buyer.

What services do we offer as a Proxy ?

Clients who decide to financially evaluate their collections offer expert appraisal and valuation of the commodities offered, familiarization with the situation on the current market and offer the best possible sale option in specific cases.

How we are involved in business?

We contractually negotiate the percentage remuneration only for the realized trade, therefore our interest will be your financial satisfaction of both the seller and the buyer.

What types of auctions do we provide ?

The auctions are made by correspondence, "online" and "indoor" forms. The auction type will always be listed in the "Auction / Auction Terms and conditions", which is issued for the auction as part of the bid catalog

Where can I find lots meant for auctioning ?

For each auction we publish "Auction catalog". On our site you will always be in time informed what will be the matter of auctioning and also in what form the catalog will be delivered to prospective bidders.

How can I participate in an auction ?

By filling in the application form for the auction, the methods may vary, but are always stated in the "Auction / Auction Auction", which is subsequently confirmed as accepted and you are ranked with the serial number in the auction.

What happens to my data in the application ?

Your personal data are used for auctions organized by AN.aukce only. AN.aukce are forbidden to assign these data to a third party, therefore your data will be safely stored at our company only.  

I need an answer for my question, where to go ?

If you need help with your inquiry, do not hesitate to contact us with any question through our website. We prefer email communication, at the end of this page you can send us your inquiry.

I found an error in the Auction catalog. How do i report it ?

We will be pleased if you would inform us of any shortcomings in the documentation for our auctions. Contact us by email on our website or in the relevant catalog, always mention the number of the auction item with description of a shortage.

How do I bid on wanted item ?

Participate in the relevant auction. Choose the form of participation according to the "Auction / Auction Auction" issued for each individual auction as part of the "Auction Catalog". The item will be auctioned with the highest bid.

How are the limits in correspondence auctions sorted ?

Received limits are ranked in correspondence auctions by price level for limited items and in compliance, then by delivery date.

How is the delivery of the auctioned items handled ?

When "indoor" auction, the highest bidder takes over the auctioned items directly against payment in the hall. When sending limits, the auctioned items are sent to the auctioneer's address, according to the application, by Czech post as "COD" or internationally via FedEx. When "online" auction the procedure same as when sending limits.

What fees will I pay?

For "indoor" auctions, the entrance to the hall and according to the "Auction / Auction Auction" is paid for the auction. Registration fees do not apply to correspondence auctions nor "online" auctions. Auction fees for auctioned items are 16% of the auctioneer's remuneration. When sending by post, the amount is increased by postage and packing as specified in the "Auction / Auction Auction" Postage and packing are not charged when sending the limits to the Czech Republic at a price higher than CZK 20,000.