Dictionary of abbreviations and grading in catalogs

AD                                                           Christian era

AH                                                           Islamic year

bez st.                                                     without ribbon

b.l.                                                            without year

b.z.                                                           without mark

dírka                                                        small hole

dr.                                                            petite

exc.                                                          eccentric

hlaz.                                                        smoothed area

hr.                                                            edge

just.                                                         adjust

kor.                                                          corrosion

malý, malá                                             small

minc.                                                       mint

m.o.                                                         had eyelet 

mincm.                                                    master of mint

napr.                                                         slightly cracked

nastř.                                                        slightly cut

 nedoraž.                                                 not entirely minted

nep.                                                         slightly

nesign.                                                    unsigned

o.                                                             eyelet

okr., okraj                                               edge

okráj.                                                       edges are cut, originally other shape or dimensions

opr.                                                          repaired

opr. dírka                                                small hole repaired

oxyd.                                                       oxidized

pat., patina                                            patina

pomačk.                                                 wrinkled

pór.                                                         porous

postř.                                                       silver plated

pozl.                                                        gold plated

pr., prask.                                               cracked

proh.                                                        bend

př. Kr.                                                       before Christ

pův.                                                         original

pův. postř.                                              original silver plating

raz.                                                          minting machine

Rev.                                                         reverse

rys., rysky                                               groove

sign.                                                        signatura

sil., silně                                                  heavily

skvr.                                                         stain

sl., slabě                                                  slightly

st., stuha                                                 ribbon

stř.                                                           slightly cut in certain direction

škr.                                                          slightly scratched

tém.                                                         almost

tm., tmavá                                              dark

úh., úder                                                 stroke

v poli                                                       in field

vada mat.                                               material defect

vada raz.                                                defect of minting machine

var.                                                          variation

vlas.                                                        thin as hair

vylom.                                                     broken

zc., zcela                                                 completely

zn. mincm.                                              mark of master of mint

zn. minc.                                                 mark of mint

zpr., zprava                                            from right side

zl., zleva                                                 from left side

Metal marking

AE, Br                                                      common metal, bronze

AR, Ag                                                     silver

AV, Au                                                     gold

Cu                                                            copper

El                                                             electron

Fe                                                            iron

Ni                                                            nickel

Sn                                                           tin

Zn                                                           zinc

Grading of coins and medals

Proof                                              mintage from polished minting machines

0                                                     embossing gloss, without or with slight signs of use 

                                                       (small grooves no thick than hair ...)

1                                                       beautiful, with slight signs of use (almost insignificant)

2                                                      signs of use, otherwise very well preserved

3                                                      more signs of use, easily identifiable, clear details

4                                                      very used, in some parts unidetifiable

marking ( - )                                   between grade of basic grading

R                                                      rare

RR                                                   very rare

RRR                                                extremely rare

Grading of bank notes


New - Impeccably preserved specimen, not yet circulating, without any folds, bent corners, no stains, no dirty, just impeccable.


Almost new - Specimen without any indication that has been in circulation, still not curving, slightly bent corners, slightly rounded corners, no fold


Excellent - Very beautiful specimen, clean, imperceptibly folded. 


Beautiful - Significantly folded in one direction, slightly folded in the other direction, bent corners, smaller dirt, little bit shabby or otherwise damaged specimen (may be slightly torn or cut).


Good - Averagely preserved specimen, folds in both directions, otherwise without damage, slightly torn, moderately soiled, in places of folds slightly abraded, not damaged, or otherwise damaged.


Not so well preserved - More heavily folded specimen, broken fold areas, heavily soiled, torn, broken or partially missing corners, damaged. 


Very poorly preserved - Strongly folded specimen, heavily soiled, severely damaged, torn or even torn, scuffed, missing parts and corners.