Auction notice

AN.aukce, Hosov 165, 586 01 JIHLAVA, company IN 46173200,

represented by Radek Nápravník (hereinafter referred to as the auctioneer),

voluntary, correspondent auctioning of movable assets,

which will take place in Jihlava ........

as amended by Act No. 26/2000 Coll. - On public auctions (hereinafter referred to as the Act), 


Descriptions of individual movables that are the subject of the auction, the designation of their status 

and the establishment of the lowest prices, which are also estimates, are

listed in the auction list. The auctioneer determines the order in which the individual things will be auctioned.


The privat visites of the movable items handed over to the auction can be made after the previous agreement with the auctioneer in the given date: .......... in Jihlava

During the inspection of the things the participants of the tour are obliged to follow the instructions of the auctioneer or his employees. 


Bids increments:

Starting price (CZK) - Bid (CZK)

0-50                              2,-

51-100                           5,-

101-200                       10,-

201-500                      20,-

501-1000                    50,-

1001-2000                100,-

2001-5000              200,-

5001-10000             500,-

10001-20000         1000,-

20001-50000       2000,-

50001-100000      5000,-


Starting price (EUR) - Bid (EUR)

1-20                                1,-
21-50                             2,-
51-200                           5,-
201-500                        10,-
501-1000                      20,-
1001-2000                    50,-
2001+                          100,-

Down paymentt is not required.


The order in which the individual auction items will be auctioned is determined by the auctioneer in the auction list. 


The auctioneers who auction their movable assets will receive the auctioned item by Czech Post in the form of "COD" in their own hands with delivery receipt.

A 17% buyer´s fee, postage and shipping will be added to the auction price packing. 

Total amounts are rounded to the nearest CZK. Does not apply for bidding in EUR. The auction price cannot be paid with credit.

Bill of exchange payment is inadmissible.