Auction regulations

Auction organizer

The organizer of the voluntary, joint auction of movable assets (hereinafter referred to as the auctioneer) is AN.aukce, Hosov 165, 586 01 JIHLAVA, company IN: 46173200. The auction is held in accordance with the law Act No. 26/2000 - About public auctions.

The auctioneer acts as an intermediary in the sale of the items entrusted to auction. For this, he is remunerated for arranging the sale of the item and for the costs incurred in connection with the auction. 

Auction participants 

Participants in the auction may be only natural or legal persons who are eligible for legal acts, the state may also be a participant in the auction (paragraphs 1 and 2 § 3 of the Act). The auction participant may be represented in the auction by his representative, who will prove to the auctioneer an officially certified power of attorney and his identity card; Participants in the auction may not be persons who cannot acquire ownership and rights to the auction items (Act No. 219/1995 Coll. - Foreign Exchange Act) and persons whose property has been declared bankrupt.

Any person who proves his / her identity at the auctioneer's request (par. his / her right to act on behalf of the auction participant shall submit a duly completed application form for entry in the auction participants list, including a solemn declaration that he / she is not a person excluded from the auction and purchase a ticket. Once these conditions are met, the auction participant will be given an auction number. 

The Limitants are obliged to submit, together with the written limit, a duly completed application for registration in the Bidders list, otherwise the limit will be void. 

Any person who paid the admission fee may be present at the auction. Participants in the auction and other attendees are obliged during the auction not to disturb the course of the auction by behaving contrary to good morals. The organizer may exclude persons who cancel the course of the auction and the persons who have thwarted the previous auction, shall be banished from the auction.

The course of the auction

The auction starts with a declaration by the auctioneer that it is launching a voluntary, joint auction of movable assets.

Prices are charged in a predetermined valid currency in the order of auction.

The auctioneer can change this order if necessary, as well as return to previously unsold items at any time and re-auction those items.

The auction is opened by the auctioneer by calling the serial number and the starting price in Euro. The description of the case, including preservation, is included in the auction list and is therefore not part of the invocation of the auctioneer.

The price is based on the starting price, or from the penultimate limit, the bid price is determined by the bidding table.

The auction is anonymous, the participants report their bid by raising the assigned number. The person designated by the auctioneer auctioned for the limiters.

It rises if the bidders make a higher bid. The auctioneer grants an auction participant who has made the highest bid by notifying the bidder of his bid and the highest bid received. By tapping the auction participant is bound.

If several bidders make the same bid and if the bid is not higher, the auctioneer will decide which of them will award the bid.

If the limit is identical with the offer in the hall, the auction participant in the hall takes precedence.

For the same number of limits, the previously received (filed) limit is preferred. By hammering, the auction is closed.

If the lowest bid was not made at the auction, the auctioneer ends the auction with the word "back". By calling the last serial number from the auction list, or by auctioning it, the total voluntary auction of movable things ends.

Payment of price achieved by auction 

The bidder, who is present at the auction, is obliged to pay the achieved price by auction including a 17% buyer´s fee immediately after the last item was auctioned, but no later than one hour after the total end of the auction. 

Payment is only accepted in cash.

The auctioned item will be sent to the limiters who auction the movable item by the Czech Post in the form of "COD" in their own hands with delivery receipt.

The limiters will pay the price reached by the auction, including the postage and packing surcharge on delivery of the postal item. The amount of the bonuses will always be specified by the "auction notice" for each auction.

Acquisition of property for auction 

Until the handover of the auctioned item to the bidder, the auctioneer has the rights and duties of the depositor of the thing. If the successful bidder pays the auction price including the 17% buyer´s fee within the set time limit, the ownership of the auctioned item passes to him.

The bidder is obliged to confirm the takeover of the auctioned item by signing it in a copy of the document on the acquisition of the item at auction.

Proof of acquisition of the item at auction will be sent to the Limitants together with the items sold in the mail.

If the bidder fails to pay the price of the item obtained by auction including all surcharges within the set time limit, it is considered to be a defeat of the auction.

The auctioneer is entitled to charge the participant in the auction that thwarted the auction all the costs incurred by the thwarted auction.

Such an item is then viewed as unsold, with all the consequences for both the bidder and the bidder.


The auctioneer accepts complaints from the direct participants of the auction only until the beginning of the auction, while the complaints are not accepted during the auction.

The limiters may file a claim within three days of receipt of the shipment.

Reclamators are obliged to return them in valuable writing without cash on delivery, insured for the price of the shipment and the reasons for the complaint must be stated.

The auctioneer will decide on the justification of the claim.

According to paragraph 1 § 63 of Act. the petitioner (the owner of the thing or the person who put the thing to auction) is responsible for the defects of the auction object that were or should have been known when submitting the bid for the auction and did not notify the auctioneer in due time of the auction.

In the case of a recognized claim, such an item is regarded as unsold.

This item will be returned to the petitioner and the petitioner is obliged to return the amount already paid for this item without delay.

Final Provisions 

Foreign participants in the auction are obliged to obtain a certificate according to Act No. 71/1994 Coll. When exporting numismatic material abroad. - on the sale and export of cultural objects. These certificates are issued by eg. the National Museum in Prague or the Moravian Museum in Brno.

The certificate is not necessary for the export of coins issued after 1953, medals and medals issued after 1918. Lists of applications for entry in the auction list, written limits and personal details of the bidders are subject to the auctioneer's trade secret and the auction participants, or anyone else, are not authorized to consult them.